Fish Scale Pansies – Secrets Revealed

Pile of fish scalesAnn Stegner shares her technique for creating pansies from fish scales. Ann uses purchased fish scales soaked in plain water overnight to make them pliable. She learned this by trial and error. This gives her the advantage of shaping each petal. Next she prefers to paint the scales, although dying them is another option. She uses 5 scales for each pansy and creates 4 different varieties. Fish scales can be shaped to create many different flower petals. For example – rolling a tight tube of scales and clamping them till dry will form the delicate center of a rose.  A special thanks to Ann for sharing this fish scale flower petals technique.

58 Pansies 052017


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3 Responses to Fish Scale Pansies – Secrets Revealed

  1. Barbara Keller says:

    What kind of fish scales do you use?

    • Suzanne says:

      Hi, I usually buy little bags as I find them… shell shows etc. But I will ask Ann. Maybe she knows what kind of fish.

    • Suzanne says:

      Anne reports that larger flower petals are usually from the tarpon fish, BUT it is illegal to fish for tarpon. So finding bags of scales from older shell artists is the only way…and it will be expensive. The smaller scales are easier to find although we don’t know which fish. Gar scales come from the gar fish. If anyone has an answer please share with us.

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