Sailor’s Valentines on Display

Kathleen’s Art Gallery has a display of outstanding sailor’s valentines among the many beautiful art pieces available. For sailor’s valentine art she represents 3 of today’s top, award winning shell artists. Karine Almir, Jane Santini, and myself, Suzanne Marie Dietsch.

Her Gallery is finally reopening as covid 19 protocols apply. The gallery is located on India Street in Nantucket, MA. For more detailed information visit her website –

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New Frames Available

Tim has finished a new group of frames that are available on the Treasures section of my website. Sizes range from 6″ to 9″. The newest frames have been engraved with ships on 4 of the 8 sides. This is a terrific look for very traditional sailor’s valentine patterns. Woods include cedar, canary, catalpa, pine and hard maple.

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Keep Your Creative Juices Flowing

Trying something new and moving in a different direction challenges one’s creativity. Here is a different look for a sailor’s valentine. This category is often referred to as using a found object such as a photo, painting, piece of scrimshaw or any treasure other than shell in the center of one’s work.

Carnival 0620
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Random Acts of Kindness

Joanne Gregory has been making a Valentine for a friend who has been hospitalized for 35 days with COVID 19. Her friend has finally turned the corner and will recover. Joanne finished this treasured valentine for her.

Remember to pass along acts of kindness everyday, especially during these uncertain times.

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Creating in a Different Way

All the flowers are made with shells.  The leaves are painted.  The stems are green tusk shells.  The top and bottom yellow and orange decorations are jingle shells.  The yellowish flowers are made with coquina shells and the purple centers are made with crushed shells.  The tiny blue flowers are made with tiny white shells painted blue and have yellow centers using crushed shells.  

I had fun making this creation.  Hope everyone enjoys the pictures.  Ann Stegner

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Shell Show Awards Spring 2020

Sarasota Shell Show – First Place and Best Commercial Art – Sailor’s Valentine – Claws

Sarasota Shell Show – First Place – Shell Doll – Lydia

Broward Shell Show – First Place Sailor’s Valentine – Claws

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Spring 2020 Valentine Class

Join with me in laughter, smiles and friendship while creating a treasured keepsake.

This year the Sarasota Shell Club Artisans will be sponsoring a one day introduction class for Sailor’s Valentine Enthusiasts. Suzanne Dietsch will discuss the ins ‘n outs of valentine construction while class members complete this 6″ valentine from start to finish. The class will be held at the Artisan’s workshop February 10. Time 9:30 till 3:30. All materials and tools included. Bring a snack lunch. Our workshop is located in the class room building behind Bee Ridge Presbyterian Church on the corner of Proctor and McIntosh in Sarasota, Florida.

Class size is limited. The class is open to beginners and accomplished shell artisans alike. The sign up button for class is located in the Treasures section of my home page. Scroll down to find the valentine picture and pay button on the treasures page. Cost $300. Or contact me by email –

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Sailor’s Valentine Raffle 2020

This Valentine, designed by me, is now complete and ready to be raffled during our
upcoming 202 Sarasota Shell Show. Tickets will be available throughout the Show Feb 7-9. I designed this piece to honor shell enthusiast Mary Weare’s fossil collection donated by her son, Jon. The frame was donated by Ed Brown. For more Show information go to
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How to Create the Perfect Dahlia

by Anne Stegner

This flower is made from fish scales, approximately 400 or so.  Each fish scale was soaked several days so they were pliable.  I cut each one into the shape of the petal and then bent it into the shape I wanted.  Next a took some rope and tied each one (while they were wet) and let each scale dry overnight. Once dry, they were ready for painting.  Each petal was painted using two shades of orange.  The finished petals were placed into the Styrofoam ball and glued. 

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Newest Valentines Available at the Gallery in Nantucket

There are two new 6″ sailor’s valentines on display at the Gallery at Four India, Nantucket. Sized just right for holiday gift giving.

6″ Sunshine 0919 inspired by early morning sun light.

6″ Midnight 0919 inspired by evening moon light.

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